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Ikelite Video Housings

Ikelite supports most of the popular video camera models from seven manufactures. Canon • Flip • Kodak • Panasonic • Sanyo • Sony

The Ikelite video systems are the most economical systems available with a lot of accessories and support.

With Ad-on wide lenses and dome ports and video lights you can expand your video capabilities easily and inexpensively. Well, at least moderately expensive but have some left over for your travels.  Ikelite systems are used world wide by amateur as well as professional video  photographers.

Please call us to see how we can help you put you system together. 858-481-0604  We realize that every one has questions and needs a little help getting the right system configured and that is what w do best. With camera models changing so quickly is is sometimes confusing  as to what is available and will work for you. Give us a call.

Here is an example of some of the current offerings from Ikelite.

Ikelite Canon housingHousings for CANON video camcorders











Housings for CANON video camcorders

HF20    HF21   HF200
HF G10   HF M30   HF M31
HF M32   HF M36   HF M40
HF M41   HF M300   HF M306
HF M400  HF S20   HF S21
HF S30  HF S200  XA10

There are many more housings from the other manufactures.

Ikelite W-20 Wide-Angle Lens
#6420.46…….W-20 with 46mm threads       #6420………….W-20 with 67mm threads

W-20 wide lens

Capture more of the scene by adding the Ikelite W-20 Wide-Angle Conversion lens to your digital still or video housing. Enjoy increased clarity and enhanced color that result from widening your camera lens’ angle of coverage and getting closer to your subject.

The Ikelite W-20 can be removed and replaced while underwater for maximum versatility. Includes protective caps, soft pouch, lens cleaning cloth and silicone lubricant





WP-80 Wide Angle Port for Ikelite Video Housings

WP-80 Wide Angle Port

#6480 …………… $895 MSRP
includes front lens cap, port removal tool, lubricant and lens cloth

#6441.45 UR/Pro Filter for Blue Water …….. $100
#6441.85 UR/Pro Filter for Green Water …… $100

The WP-80 Wide Angle Port as an option for select Ikelite video housings. This represents the premium end of Ikelite wide-angle options and delivers the ultimate in resolving power, particularly important in high-definition applications.
This remarkable port is designed by renowned Fathom Imaging and uses only the highest quality optical grade glass elements. The resulting image is exceptionally crisp edge-to-edge, without distortion or vignetting. Its glass elements feature a superb anti-reflective coating to transmit a maximum amount of light. The port is nitrogen purged, vacuum sealed, and water pressure tested to 200 feet. These processes ensure a port that is entirely free of dust, debris, fogging/condensation problems, or leaks of any kind.
The WP-80 is useable above water for up to 90 degree field of view, underwater for up to 80 degree field of view (exact angle of coverage varies with camera model). Also useable at the surface for amazing over-under video.
Angular Field of View
Up to 80 degrees Underwater       Up to 90 degrees Above Water


PRO-2800 LED Video Lite
#6328.01 Complete Package with SA-100 Arm ………. $925
#6328.02 Complete Package with Flex Arm …………… $850

Complete packages include PRO-2800 LED Head, Arm, 24″ Straight Power Cord, Battery Pack, Battery Pouch & Mounting Hardware, Smart Charger

The PRO-2800 LED is designed to be used as primary video lighting for any underwater video, digital still or digital SLR system. A perfectly diffused 100 degree beam provides even coverage from macro to wide angle. Near daylight color temperature ensures the most true, natural tones especially when combined with ambient light in seascapes.

The light head’s powerful 2800 lumen beam may be reduced to Medium (75%) or Low (50%) power settings to fine-tune exposure and extend battery life. An energy conserving Flashlight mode (25% power) is conveniently placed between the most frequently used Off and High positions for quick changes to catch the action. The 700 lumen Flashlight mode is perfect for use as a primary night diving light, focus light, spotting light or for shooting macro video. An emergency SOS mode flashes the light in the universal distress signal pattern to gain the attention of a dive buddy or rescue party.

A compact and ergonomic design features a large power switch on the back of the light head. The heavy-duty and reliable mechanical switch is within easy reach and features click-stops to indicate power setting by feel. The power supply cord is properly positioned to stay out of the diver’s way and reduce stress on the cord end.

Ikelite Pro 28000 video light


Intensity ……
2800 lumens (High power)
700 lumens (Flashlight)
Power Settings …… Flashlight, High, Medium, Low, SOS
Burn Time ……
1 hour 30 min (High power)
2 hours 45 min (Low power)
4 hours 30 min (Flashlight)
Beam Angle …… 100 degrees
Color Temp …… 5000-5500K
Light Head Size …… 70mm diameter x 64mm length (2.75″ x 2.5″)
Light Head Weight …… 313g (11oz)
Batteries …… 13V 4.5Ah NiMH
Battery Pack Size …… 6cm x 20cm (2″ x 8″)
Battery Pack Weight ……
1kg (2.3lb) in air
340g (12oz) negative in fresh water
Depth Rating …… 90m (300ft)
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