NEXUS D600 and D610 small Now shipping.  

$2,400.00 ND610FO-M4-Optical sync.

$2,895.00  ND610MLFO&E-M4

New Nexus D610s

New Nexus D610s


Small: 6 x 12 x 5 inches

Non Corrosive cast aluminum case no electrolysis problems

Access to all controls

Lightest weight housing you can buy at 4 lbs / 2.3kg

Secure pin register

Adjustable handles to custom fit your hands

Large 116mm port ID for big lenses

Very secure threaded port mount, no flooding problems

Good selection of ports for most lenses used underwater.

Special ports for both manual focus and zoom control

Multiple secure mounting plates for accessories

Multiple choices for viewing lenses to suit your needs

Up to 4 fiber optic sync ports and 2 Nikonos style ports

Top window for easy view of camera settings

Solid secure handles for mounting heavy arms

Split focus/zoom internal gear to to fit wide range of lenses

Rear window plate is removable for camera up grade plates.

Easy carry on size for todays travel requirements.

Fast turn around for repairs

Many years of service available for all models

Precision machined to very close tolerances and highest quality materials chosen for underwater application.

  • Options

    1. increase lamp light socket light socket plug type ( 1 lamp ) kit that can be mounted on your own

    Name : FSP / part number : 43201 / Price : $90.00

     mounting of the light socket , involves the risk of such water leakage . After installation , please make sure the safety conduct a leak test .

    2. I will manipulate the arm BKT BKT button .

    Name : ND600BKTA / part number : 43204 / Price : $40.00

    Optional Accessories

    1. Body Cap M4  Name : BC-4 / part number : 15360 / Price :$80.00

    2. Port adapter 5-4126  Name : PA5-4126 / part number : 42587 / Price : $195.00

    3. port adapter 6-4126  Name : PA6-4126 / part number : 42588 / Price : $195.00

     housing in M5 port mount M4 or is an adapter for mounting the M6 port , . Most of the port and the extension with the exception of large fish eye port of the outer diameter is I can use . Some , please be sure to check similar because there is adaptation outside the port .

    3. Nexus45 degrees finder  Name : Nexus finder 45- ( minus ) 5 / part number : 20638 / Price :  $700.00

    4. Nexus Straight finder  Name : Nexus Straight finder – ( minus ) 5 / part number : 20639 / Price :  $700.00

    5. light socket screw- type ( 1 lamp ) Name : FSPSC / part number : 42207 / Price : $12.00

     additional information

    Nexus In D610 following functions can not be operated

    · Release mode dial

    Focus point lock lever

    · Fn button

    Preview button

    Key Features

    Medium-sized and lightweight

    Weighs about 2.3kg. A robust , compact body with optimal water balance , is a major feature of the Nexus housing .

    Finder I can choose from Normal and multi .

    The multi- finder model , two types of unit of composition priority of the pick-up unit and focus priority of Magnificent fire is comes , it is possible to distinguish . Is set before shooting , it can not be replaced in water .

    External strobe connection environment you can select light and electricity .

    Optical connections can I use 4 lights . Standard in 2 -lamp specification , 3 lights or more is optional . Electrical connection , I can use two lamps . It is also possible to add later that were not selected at the time of purchase function

    Optical connections , optical & electrical connection model is standard equipped with a built-in flash OPEN / CLOSE function .

    To suit your shooting style can be selected emission / Flash Off , it is also safe to forget up the built-in flash when the camera is set .

    Built-in flash OPEN button the function of the built-in flash OPEN lever , AF mode button <New>, you can choose from three of the BKT button .

    Operation of the AF mode button that could not until now is I can now . You can not to use three functions at the same time , but can be changed to your favorite functions by exchange of arms . Optical connection / light & electrical connection model , the built-in flash OPEN is a standard feature , and comes with a set of even standard AF mode arm . Electrical connection model is the AF mode button is a standard feature . Arm to raise and lower the operation of the built-in flash is not included . Please purchase as needed . BKT arm is sold separately regardless of the model .

    If you would like the AF mode button operation in light connection / light & electrical connection model , if under … let us know when ordering , we built here .

    Adaptation port is M4.

    Ultra-large aperture lens also I have adopted the M4 mount that can be rear entry .



NEXUS D800/ D800 E and now the D810  Now shipping

Nexus D800 with macro 105 port















Nexus for Nikon D800/D800e & D810. The lens port is

M4 size.116mm inside diameter for large lens pass through.

$2900.00 Base Price

D800 w/ fiber optic & pick up finder $3712.00
D800 with Nikonos sync & pick up finder $3730.00
D800 with Nikonos & fiber optic & pick up finder $3600.00

Note: Up to 4 Optical sync ports option.


  • Color: Silver
  • Depth Rating: 75 meters
  • Size: 316×203×138mm 8×12.5×5,25 inches Width×Height×Deep
  • Material: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy casting
  • Weight: 6.5lbs or 2,280g (on land)
  • Lightest weight of all houings for this camera.


[Housing Options]

Model Fiber Optical socket (x2) STD Nikonos socket (x2) Finder type
Type FO ND800O-M4 #43302 O X Pick up
Type E ND800E-M4 #43303 X O Pick up
Type FO&E ND800O&E-M4 #43304 O O Pick up

[Optional Accessories]

  • Fiber optical cable sockets can be mounted by customer. Installing a FO socket involves risks such as water leaks. After installation, please do the leak test for safely.  Two additinal light socket will be attached (max increases from 2 to 4 strobes). There are two options to be choose:
    • Disconnecting Type Light Socket FSP for fiber optic strobe sync #43206
    • Thread Type Light Socket FSPSC for Nikon type strobe sync cables #42207
  • Body Cap M4 BC-4 #15360
  • M4 Port Adapter PA6-4 for Nexus M6 Ports #15394
  • M4 Port Adapter PA5-4 for Nexus M5 Ports #42549
  • 45 Degree Viewfinder 45-5 #20595  $795.00
  • 45 Straight Viewfinder -5 #20612  $795.00


Nexus Nikon D800

Nexus D800 with 160 Dome port M4 size

Nexus D800 with macro port









Nexus D800 back controls

D800 inside front

D800 inside back








D800 right side controls

D800 left side controls

D800 top controls






















New Nikon D600/D610 Now shipping. Can be set up with 4 optical sync ports plus 2 Nikonos sync ports.

M4 port port size for larger diameter lenses and better neutral buoyancy.

D600/D610 with large M4 dome port.

D600/D610 with large M4 dome port.

D600/D610 Back controls

D600/D610 Back controls

D600/D610 showing 4 optical ports.

D600/D610 showing 4 optical ports.

Top view of D600/D610

Top view of D600/D610

























Nexus D700/D7100 Now Shipping  $2100.00

Nexus D7000/7100

Nexus D7000/7100

High quality, high durability, it is housing for the “Nexus D7100” Nikon D7100 of high reliability.

Main specifications of Nexus D7100

Body color  Silver

Practical water depth 75m

Weight (except for land grip) 1,758g

Weight (including the land grip) 2,122g

Material Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy casting

Dimensions (width × height × depth)  317 × 175 × 138mm

? Key Features

Medium-sized and lightweight

Weighs about 2.1kg. A robust, compact body with optimal water balance, is a major feature of the Nexus housing.

Finder I can choose from Normal and multi.

The multi-finder model, two types of unit of composition priority of the pick-up unit and focus priority of Magnificent fire is comes, it is possible to distinguish. Is set before shooting, it can not be replaced in water.

External strobe connection environment you can select light and electricity.

Only light connection, only the electrical connection or both of light and electricity,. Please choose to suit your preference. A function that has not been selected at the time of purchase, it is also possible to add them later, if necessary:.

Optical connections, optical & electrical connection model is standard equipped with a built-in flash OPEN / CLOSE function.

To suit your shooting style can be selected emission / Flash Off, it is also safe to forget up the built-in flash when the camera is set.

Built-in flash OPEN / AF mode button / BKT button that can be selected with the exchange of arm

Was not able to so far, I can now manipulate the AF mode button. You can not use three functions at the same time, but you can change it to your favorite functions by the exchange of the arm. Light / light & electrical connection model, built-in flash OPEN is a standard feature, also comes with AF mode button arm. Electrical connection model is the AF mode button is a standard feature. Built-in flash OPEN arm is not included. Regardless of the model, BKT button arm is sold separately.

Adaptation port is M6.

Nexus D7100  Product name

ND7100FO-M6  42613  Light Fiber optic   $2100.00

ND7100FE-M6   42614  Electrical Sync  $2,150.00

ND7100FO & FE-M6 42615 Optical and Electrical sync $2,400.00

ND7100MLFO-M6 42616  Multi-finder & Fiber optic  $2,350.00

ND7100MLFE-M6 42617  Multifinder & Electrical sync  $2,450.00

ND7100MLFO & E-M6  42618  Multifinder & Optical and Electrical sync  $2600.00

? Optional Accessories

1. BKT button arm  Name: BKTBAD7100 / part number: 42224 / Price: $40.00

2. Body cap 4M6 Name: BC-4M6 / part number: 42538 / Price: $70.00

3. Nexus45 degrees finder Name: Nexus finder 45- (minus) 5 / part number: 20638 / Price: $700.00

4. Nexus Straight finder Name: Nexus Straight finder – (minus) 5 / part number: 20639 / Price: $$700.00

5. light socket screw-type (1 lamp) Name: FSPSC / part number: 42207 / Price: $90.00

? Additional information

Nexus In D7100 following functions can not be operated

· Release mode dial Preview button

· Fn button

· Diopter adjustment dial

• Focus point lock lever

Nexus D7100, you can also to the specifications that can be used is D7000.





About Nexus 

Nexus Nikon WSB 400 case


Nexus (Anthis in Japan) produce highly acclaimed housings that have been used for many years used by professional underwater photographers. They are the housings chosen by many distinguished pro photographers like David Doubilet and Lee Peterson. Many professionals have chosen the Nexus system because their jobs are dependent on getting the best results under the most demanding conditions. Nexus quality is unsurpassed with highly engineered and manufactured controls and accessories. The Nexus housings have a full range of lens ports and access to all controls on the camera plus additional operational features for remote control and engineered ergonomics that make it so easy to use and adapt to your needs. Built to last and with features that are standard on all housings. Solid hot shoe mount with eternal port for remote control of your focusing light, stainless rocker controls, dial controls and push controls are the ultimate in engineering and manufacturing that sets the highest standards for any underwater camera housing is the trade mark of Nexus. Under the hood is a special formulated aluminum casting that resists any corrosion. They are the lightest and most compact of any underwater housing for the Nikon, Canon and Olympus digital SLR cameras.  On all Nexus housings contoured handles are designed to place your hands in alignment with the controls your use the most often and relieve the strain on your wrists. The top of the handle has threaded holes to mount strobe arms and accessories at any angle you desire, The handles are also adjustable inward or outward with various extensions to custom fit your hand requirements. The Nexus optical viewer has several lens combinations that you can use to meet different needs for a wide range of camera lenses. You can increase the magnification for either ultra wide lenses or your super macro set up.
Mr. Toshikazu Kozawa is the designer and builder behind Nexus. An underwater photographer for more than thirty years, Toshikazu founded Nexus in 1991. His designing expertise shines through in housings that are extremely light and compact, have excellent control layouts but are built too last. Toshikazu supports his housing line with an extensive line of ports and port accessories that covers even the most extreme wide angle and super macro underwater photography requirements.
Remarkably, Toshikazu continues to offer Nexus housings and accessories at a price we would consider to be well below their real market value. This means that these entirely professional housings are very affordable for the masses. Product supports is the best in the world and film housings that are 20 years old are still serviceable whereas no other manufacture will do this.

The current list of professional underwater SLR housing by Nexus include: NIKON D60 • D80 • D90 • D300-D300s • D700 • Dx3 • F6 • D7000/D7100 •D800/D800e • D600/D610.  For CANON: 50D • 5D • 5DMKII • 1DSMK3 7D and 6D.  For Olympus the E3.The E 3 can be converted to the E5 model. For those who already have some models of the nexus line can convert them to newer models. The D70 can be converted to the D80 or D90. The D80 to D90 • D300 to D700 • D200 to D700 or D300 • D200 to D300s • D60 to D40 or D90. These conversions are performed in the Anthis factory in Japan. In response to a fast digital camera new product cycle, recombinant parts only the minimum required for your existing housing, and aims to make a basic shooting.
Not only for housing, restrictions on operations and functions there, feel free to enjoy. Conversion services are provided in the attempt has been made to date, especially when the quantity reaches the parts to be sold, please note that you may have to change the menu contents. General maintenance is performed here at Marine Camera in San Diego.

Nexus offers three different size port openings.

Nexus  Mounting the Nexus port housing has the following five types.
What is the name of the color model is the product of April 2010.

?????????? Port view of Mount

  • Measure the inside diameter of 1-port mount.  size, please see the size of the above.
  • Make sure that the serial number of the second housing.
    The serial number is engraved on both front and rear body body.
    (Note 1) The serial number of the housing was manufactured prior to 2009 are not applicable.
    (Note 2) does not fit if you change the port mounted by the alteration.
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