Guess what’s coming soon? Housings for the Nikon D800/D800e (now available) and the Canon 5DMK3  •  Nikon D600 and the Nikon D4Ikelite already has their housing for the Canon 5DMK3 on the market for $1600.00. This will be the best value for sure from a company that always stands behind their products and they are US based.  Next Nauticam will be offering the D800 and already have the D4 on the shelf so call for special pricing on these..  Sea and Sea announced their B800 and 5DMK3 for June at $3199.00 • Nikon D600 also.   Nexus has a conversion kit for D700 users to conniver to the D800. Their dedicated housing will follow in July.  We are taking order now for all of these products. If you are in a hurry it would be best to get on the list now.

A lot has changed since the Digital DSLR took over the SLR camera market from the long established 35mm film camera. No more limit on the number of exposures you can take (Unless your battery runs out of energy). Now you have the ability to change ISO speed instead of changing the film. Digital cameras work very well at higher ISO ranges which set them apart from the smaller cameras. This is big benefit in the dark underwater world. Another big plus is that you can see the result of your work immediately on the camera’s LCD panel and if you use the histogram feature you can see your exposure range. The optical prism finders on the camera allow image viewing under all lighting conditions where as cameras that have only live view LCD’s are very difficult to see when the ambient light is high.

Recently these still image cameras are now offering video capture as well. The Canon 5DMK2 has taken the still/video world by storm and this alone is enough to get many photographers doing both still imagery and video production. The Canon 7D, 5DMKII & Mark3, Rebel, and Nikon D7000,  D800 and D4 are capable of creating very good video. Hand holding a video scene is difficult underwater so don’t forget to use a tripod when ever you can.  The new to the scene Mirrorless cameras perform very well as video and still capture systems. The Panasonic GH-2 and GF2, OlympusEPL2 and Sony NEX-5 cameras are very small and less expensive and have interchanging lenses and are worth looking at if you want small and easy to travel with systems. The image quality is superb with offering of MP 10 to 16.

Nauticam has a new housing for the PhaseOne 645 medium format camera that can us the  PhaseOne digital backs ranging in Megapixels from 20MP to 80MP with the IQ180, producing the best digital images possible.

Some of the digital cameras with their large sensor chips give the photographer the chance to create prints as large as 40×50 inches without any loss of quality.

There are also a lot more manufactures making housings for these new digital cameras then there were for 35mm film housing.

Here at Marine Camera we have been using and testing underwater camera housings since the early 1970’s. When a new housing comes to the market we can put it though a test of 30 years experience. Then we decide what are the best ones to offer our clients. It is not just the quality and ease of use that we evaluate but manufacture’s support of lens ports lens gears and the ability to get fast service and maintenance when you need it the most. Some manufactures do not have a good history of supporting their housings after about 3 to 5 years which makes it very obsolete when you need service or want to add new ports and accessories.
Below is a list of the best manufacturers that we are working with today and the camera models that they support.

nexus D610s

Nexus D610s $2,400.00


Ikelite 7DMK2

Ikelite 7DMK2

ikelite-5dmk2Nauticam D600
ikelite-5dmk2Nexus D810 $3,712.00 sea&sea-dx40d-50dSea & Sea

Nexus D7100

Nexus D7100 $2100.00


Current housings for each manufacturer are: Best recommendations are in Bold

Hugyfot Canon Rebel 450D-500D  Canon 50D • 5D • 7D • 5DMark2 • 5DMark3 •• Nikon D80 • D200 • D200 • D300s • D700

Ikelite Canon 40D • 50D • Rebel 450-500-550 • 5D • 5DMark27D •• Nikon D90 • D200 • D300 • D300s •  D700 • D3000 • D5000D7100

Nauticam Canon 7DMK2 •  Rebel 550 • 600D • 60D • 5DMK3 • Nikon  D90 • D300s •  D700 • D7001 • PhaseOne NA-645GH-2 • EPL-2 • GF-2 • NEX-5

Nexus Canon 40D • 50D • 5D5DMark21DsMark3 • D800/D800e/D810 • 5DMK3 • 7D • Nikon D40 • D60 • D80 • D90 • D300 • D300s D7100D3sD3x • Nikon F6

Sea & Sea Canon 550D rebel • 60D • 600D • 7D • 5DMark2 • 1DsMark3 •• Nikon  D60D300s • D800/D810

SeaCam Canon  5DMark21DsMark3 • 1DMark4 •• Nikon  D300s • D700 • D3s • D3 • D3x •D4 • D800/D810

Subal Canon 40/50D • 500D rebel • 5D • 5DMark2 • 7D • 1dMark3 • 1DsMark3 • 1DMark4 •• Nikon D90 • D300s • D700 • D2x • D3s • D7000 • D800/D810

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