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What do we mean by Point and Shoot?canon g11
Simply these are the new breed of digital cameras that offer compact size and features like still images and video capability. They do not have the interchangeable lens capability but generally have zoom lens capability and built in flash. Some offer external strobe flash operation.
Having a large number of pixels on the imaging chip can affect the auto focusing in low light conditions that you will experience underwater.  5 to 12 MP is fine for most cameras that will be used underwater.
When you are choosing a camera to use underwater it is best to see if there is an underwater housing for your model before you buy the camera.

The features you want in the camera for underwater are close focus ability, RAW recording for your files, if possible an external flash hot shoe, video recording, and an ISO range from 50 to 1200. Because you will taking images of subjects that are moving  you need to get a camera that does not have very much shutter lag. Shutter lag is the time it takes for the camera to record the image after you press the shutter lever. Any time longer than a 1/10th of a second will be frustrating to you.
Selecting a housing for your camera you need to decide what features you will need. Does the housing have external handles? Can eternal strobe flashes be used, Can you easily use close-up lenses or wide angle lenses. How big is the housing and can you access the controls you need? Are spare parts available and where can you get it serviced?

The most popular brands are Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic. Not every manufacture supports all camera models for underwater use. Ikelite and Fantasea are independent underwater camera housing manufactures that make underwater housings for various camera brands. At this point in time Canon seems to be leading the market in popular models for underwater. The G9, G10 and G11 are the most popular with the SX-20IS and SX120IS  following the first selections.  Nikon has the Coolpix P5000 and P6100 and the P6000 as their lead models. Olympus has several models but they do not have direct link to strobes except for external fiber optic sync. The same applies to the Sony cameras. The Panosonic LX2 and LX3 have only one manufacture supporting then and the cost is higher. Sea&Sea supplies the camera and housing as one unit. The DX-1G,  DX-2G and the DX-1200HD which are the Richo brand camera and all have video and Raw images capability using the DNG open source file. There are wide angle conversion lenses for these cameras. The Sea & Sea uses fiber optic sync for their external strobes. Shutter lag is .3 seconds.

Note: Point and Shoot cameras do not have through the lens viewfinders. You have to look at the image on the LCD on the back of the camera and this can be a problem when the ambient light is bright as it may be difficult to see what you are taking a picture of.

Please call to see which one fits your camera. These models are constantly changing.  858-481-0604


SEA & SEA DX-GE5  Price:$529.00  Part #SS-06633 

Includes:DX-GE5 Waterproof camera (16ft/5m) with USB/video cable, Li-Ion battery, battery charger, Arcsoft software. DX-GE5 housing for GE5 camera, depth-rated 180ft/55m.
A compact and full-featured waterproof compact digital camera set.
12.2 effective megapixels and 4x optical zoom.

[Accessories for the G5WP-SS camera] USB / video cable, lithium-ion battery, battery charger, hand strap?[Accessories for the DX-GE5 housing] LCD monitor hood, hand strap
O-ring Set    (Product No.62143)
Relevant Information
*When using the YS-110? as an external strobe for the DX-GE5 camera/housing set, check whether the strobe was produced after September 2010 and marked with Ver. 1.1.
*The YS-110? produced before September 2010 without marking of Ver. 1.1 are not compatible with the DX-GE5 camera/housing set.
*Marking of Ver.1.1 is found on the side of the main body below the serial number.

*Although the G5WP-SS is a waterproof camera, you may not be able to take pictures if the glass in the housing fogs up due to condensation forming on the inside of the glass because of moisture left remaining in gaps between the housing and the camera or similar problems if the housing is used while the camera is still wet or not fully dry. If the camera has gotten wet, wipe off any moisture with a dry towel or the like and allow the camera to dry in a cool place out of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours before use.  The use of dry silicon packs in the housing will also help prevnt this lens fog-up.
The GE5 is a waterproof camera, so no need to worry even if it gets wet.
The DX-GE5 camera it self is waterproof to 5m / 16ft without it’s housing, making it versatile for all outdoor sports activities from water to snow. The DX-GE5 housing is rugged dependable allowing full functionality of the camera to 55m / 180ft.

The DX-GE5 is compatible with the wide-angle conversion lens for DX-860G.
The optional Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for DX-860G can be attached/removed even underwater.
Use of the wide-angle conversion lens allows images to be taken at an even wider angle.
*Slight vignetting (dimming) may occur in the four corners of the image. Slightly zoom in to telephoto to eliminate vignetting.

The DX-GE5 is light and compact for better portability
The DX-GE5 housings was redesigned and improved for better ergonomics offering access to all controls and maximum convenience while underwater.

•    High definition CCD – 1/2.3-inch primary color CCD with 12.20 effective megapixels and 4x optical zoom lens (38 to 152mm).
•    Equipped with underwater photo and video modes ideal for capturing perfect underwater images or video.
•    The camera is waterproof to 5m / 16ft. (*Determined based on General Imaging Company testing methods.)
•    2.7-inch LCD monitor (with an automatic brightness adjustment function). Approx. 230,000-dot LCD monitor that’s easy to see when checking photos while shooting or during playback. Automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen to match the amount of ambient light in the area.
•    Equipped with a recognition function (for faces, smiles, and blinking) and blur reduction function.
•    Compatible with highly sensitive ISO 1600 photography.
•    Removable macro diffuser. Adjusts light from the internal flash to make it uniform during macro shooting.
•    When you turn the retractable cable socket, the fiber-optic cable socket slides and is aligned with position of the built-in flash and fixed.
•    Luninour stickers help identify the buttons.
•    The housing rear case back can be opened/closed while the housing is mounted on a camera tray.
•    Strong and durable build, with a depth rating of up to 55m / 180ft.
[ G5WP-SS Camera ]
Image sensor
Effective 12.2 megapixels, 1/2.3-inch CCD
Lens    Focal length: f=6.7 to 27mm (35mm film equivalent focal length 38 to 152mm)
F-aperture: F3.5 (W) to F5.1 (T)
Motion blur reduction
Electronic Image Stabilization
Optical zoom: 4.0x (35mm film equivalent focal length 38 to 152mm)
Digital zoom: 4.5x (Combined zoom: 18x)
Shooting distance (from the front of the lens)
Normal shooting: 60cm to infinity (W), 80cm to infinity (T)
Macro shooting: 6cm to 80cm(W), 80cm to infinity (T)
Shutter speed    4 .1/2000 sec. (Manual 30 sec.)
Number of recorded Pixels
[Still image] 12M, 10M (3:2), 9M (16:9), 8M, 5M, 3M, 0.3M
[Movie] 720×480 (30fps, 15fps), 320×240 (30fps, 15fps)
Picture quality mode
B (Best) / F (Fine) / N (Normal)
ISO sensitivity
(standard output sensitivity)
AUTO / ISO64 / ISO100 / ISO200 / ISO400 / ISO800 / ISO1600
[Mode] Auto / Red-eye flash / Flash On / Flash Off / Flash synchro / Red-eye flash + Flash synchro
[Range] Approx. 50cm to 4.4m (W), approx. 80cm to 3.0m (T) (ISO AUTO / ISO 800, from the front of the lens)
Focus mode
Single AF / Multi AF (TTL 9-point) / Face Detection AF, AF aux. light
Exposure metering mode
Artificial Intelligence AE (Ai AE) / Center-weighted light metering / Spot metering
Exposure mode
Program AE (AE-lock available)
Exposure compensation
+2.0 to -2.0 EV in 1/3 EV steps
White balance mode
Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Fluorescent lamp 1 / Fluorescent lamp 2 / Incandescent lamp / Manual
Recording media
SD memory card / SDHC memory card (up to 16 GB) / Internal Memory (16 MB)
Storage capacity  Approx. 180 shots (based on CIPA standard)
Recording format     [Still image] Exif2.2 (JPEG)   [Movie] Quick Time Motion JPEG, Audio: G.711 (Monaural)
Shooting mode
Auto / Auto-Scene (Landscape / Portrait / Night portrait / Backlit portrait / Night Landscape / Macro), Underwater picture, Underwater movie / Manual / Stabilization / Movie / Scene?Sport, Children, Indoor, Leaf, Snow, Sunset, Fireworks, Glass, Museum, Landscape, Nightscape / Nightscape portrait / Portrait? / Panorama
Panoramic field of view 3 pictures: 119° / 2 pictures: 84°
Waterproof Camera:  5 m / 16 ft *Based on General Imaging Company testing standards.
Other major shooting functions
Continuous Shooting: Approx. 1.39 fps (Large / Fine mode), HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, Detection functions (Face, Smile, Blink), Red-eye Removal
Other major playback functions
Single photo, Grid view, Slide show, Movie (Slow-Motion possible), Enlarged view (maximum 8 times), Voice, Histogram Display
Other Features
PictBridge, ExifPrint support, Multi-language support (26 languages)
LCD monitor
2.7 inch (Approx. 230,000 pixels), Automatic brightness adjustment function
Video signal format
Dimensions (WxHxD)
95.8×62×20.5mm / 3.8×2.5×0.8inch (excluding projecting parts)
Approx.125g / 4.4oz (excluding battery and memory card)
Power Source
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery GB-10
Operating temp  0°C to 40°C
[ DX-GE5 Housing ]
[Construction] Polycarbonate
[Depth rating] 55m / 180ft
[Dimensions (WxHxD)] 140x109x82.5mm / 5.6×4.4×3.3inch
[Weight] Approx. 385g / 13.5oz (excluding hand strap)
[Underwater weight] Approx. 30g / 1.05oz
[Compatible strobes] YS-01, YS-02, YS-250PRO,  YS-D1
*The YS-110? can be made to be compatible through a firmware update. For details, please inquire at a representative sales office.


LCD viewer for DX-GE5

The hood attaches to the LCD monitor area of a compact digital camera housing. The hood will reduce light and reflections and provide clear images from the LCD monitor from corner to corner. The lens has an anti-reflective coating to further reduce unnecessary reflections and glare. Ideal for those who would like to have enlarged and clearer views  of the LCD monitor.
[ Specifications ]
[Compatible model] DX-GE5?[Compatible LCD monitor size] Approx. 62x47mm/2.4×1.9inches?[Weight] Approx. 123g/4.3oz?[Dimensions (DIAxD)] Approx. 84x85x67mm/3.3×3.3×2.6inches
•    Price:$105.00

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