The introduction of the UltraLight Control Systems’ Camera Pivot has revolutionized underwater photography. Our pivot allows the photographer to convert his camera set up from horizontal to vertical in less time than it takes for his/her strobes to recycle. The strobes never need repositioning whether you’ve switched to the vertical or horizontal format.
Ultralight has manufactured a new pivot for some of the consumer digital housings, which include the Tetra, the Olympus PT series, and Sea and Sea.
UltraLight makes a light weight arm system, the lightest aluminum system on the market. All arms and adapters have an o-ring in the ball portion. This greatly increases the friction forces at the joint, therefore, keeping the arms where you put them. UltraLight Control Systems offers a full line of trays, arms, adapters, and accessories for both still, digital, and video camera systems. Feel free to call us at the numbers below to discuss your system’s needs.
We think once you have tried our product you will agree it is the best, lightest weight, most convenient, and versatile on the market. It will be the last arm system you will have to buy.

The first question we ask is what camera or housing are you using? If you say Nikonos, are you going to use your current tray? If so then we have an adapter for it (AD-3816) so you can use Ultralight’s arms. If you want a new tray, are you going to use one or two strobes? We have a single tray that can be upgraded to a double tray down the road. We also make the “Pivot” the ultimate in double trays for the Nikonos or Sea and Sea Motor Marine IIEX camera.
If your camera is a digital in a housing, we make a digital tray (TR-DS). This tray can take a handle (TR-DH) that is flat on top. You can add a spotting light to the top of it with our spotting light kit. If you want to add a strobe, then our handle ball (BA-HB) will screw into the handle. Then you can take our arm system off the top of that handle.
After you decide on the tray, then you need to decide if you are going to want a handle on the tray. We make a handle with a nice rubber grip on it that will fit most trays and of course ours. The majority of our customers like a handle (AC-H) on the left side of the system. The handle can be fixed or a quick disconnect (AC-HQD) type, allowing you to hand hold your strobe. Many customers have found that the flexibility of our system means they are doing much less hand holding then before. They get consistent results when they know where their strobe is at all times.
After the handle selection, then the arm selection comes next. Our system is based on two arm segments, (DB-03, DB-05, DB-08, DB-12, DB-16) three clamps (joint)(AC-CS), a base adapter and a strobe adapter. This gives you the greatest flexibility, with a joint at the strobe, one in the middle of two arms and one at the base.
The size of the arm segments is your next decision. You need to answer what type of photography are you going to do, macro, wide angle, or a little of both. Our most popular arm size is 8 inches. Two 8 inch segments with the three clamps, the base adapter, and the strobe adapter is 22 inches in total length.
You have a housing and you want to mount our arms to it. Aquatica, Sea and Sea and Nexus have built in handles. We make adapters to fit on top of the handles. The most popular is the BA-AQW. We can supply it with metric or US measure bolts. Please specify the housing you are using. If you have a Sea and Sea housing it may come with a plate (BA-TP) on top of the handle. We make an adapter to fit on it if you like (BA-TG) or you can replace the plate with our BA-AQW.
Subal housings have places to mount Ultralight arms. You can use a Ultralight Subal dovetail base or double dovetail base. (BA-SU or BA-SUD). . Our newest products BA-SV & BA-SA mount directly to the housing. See pg. 5. An Ikelite housing with an older style Ikelite handle coming off a tray underneath uses our AD-3816 on top of the handle after removing the plastic knob. Our new BA-IK fits Ikelites latest SLR release handle and the taller version BA-IKT accomodates the TTL slave unit or the manual controler.
Strobe adapter selection is easy. We make an adapter for every strobe that is out there. If you have a strobe that we do not list an adapter for just mention it to us and we probably have a solution.
Pivots, as mentioned before, are the ultimate in a double strobe tray. It can also be used for single strobe photography.  We make pivots for the Nikonos V, the RS, Tetra housings, Olympus PT housings, and many other polycarbonate housings. Call to see if your housing will fit.
The Tetra pivots can be used topside on high end digital cameras, i.e. Nikon D1, Canon 10D, Kodak 14D, Sigma and many others. Call to check on your camera. 1-858-481-0604

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