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    Ikelite Strobes
    How Many Strobes Do I Need?
    Digital Substrobe DS160

    The SubStrobe DS160 is compatible with all Ikelite TTL systems and current digital cameras, as well as all older TTL film cameras including the Nikonos system. A variety of sync cords, sensors, and TTL adapters are available to connect to almost any camera system currently on the market.

    The SubStrobe DS160 recycles virtually instantaneously when fired at a fractional power -- whether in TTL or manual mode -- and still in a quick 1.5 sec from full discharge. Use a compatible TTL system and enjoy perfect automatic exposure and an increased number of flashes per full charge. When used in manual settings, the DS160 offers 10 powers in half-stop increments for precise control over your exposure.

    A super-bright built-in 5-watt LED modeling light is perfect for focusing or night diving-- all with minimal drain on the strobe's battery. The beam is even, concentrated, and automatically turns off and on when the strobe fires.

    The #4060 DS160 includes interchangeable rechargeable NiMH battery pack, flash diffuser, and standard mount with through-bolt. The NiMH battery pack requires #4066.1 Smart Charger, not included. An optional #9571.4 mount with 1" (2.5cm) diameter ball allows you to build a custom arm or attach the strobe to TLC or Ultralight arm systems.

    Complete strobe packages with strobe, arm, charger, and either sync cord or EV manual controller provide everything you need to add an external flash to your system.

    Important Note: Existing Substrobe DS125's cannot be upgraded to Substrobe DS160 specifications. No exchanges or trade-ins will be offered.

    • Energy Rating: 160 wat-sec
    • Recycle Time: 1.5 sec
    • Angle of Coverage: 90 degrees , 100 degrees with diffuser
    • Guide # (ISO 100) feet: 76 surface - 38 underwater
    • Guide # meters: 24 surface - 12 underwater
    • Color Temperature: 4800 degrees Kelvin
    • Full Power Flashes: 225 flashes per full charge
    • Firing Modes: TTL, Full, 9 fractional powers
    • Modeling Light: 5-watt LED
    • Battery Pack: NiMH module
    • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.75 lb)
    • Size: 9.6 cm dia x 17.9 cm, 3.75" dia x 7"
    • Depth Rating: 90m - 300 feet
    #4060 Substrobe DS160(and NiMH Battery Module& Diffuser)

    #4066.1 Smart Charger

    #4066.5 Spare NiMH Battery Pack


    AF35 AutoFlash Advantages
    over using camera’s built-in flash:
    • Auto & Manual Flash Settings
    • Enhanced Color
    • Brighter Flash Output
    • Reduced Backscatter
    • More Natural Lighting
    • Wider Flash Coverage
    • Adjustable Flash Position

    Get all the advantages of an external flash with the same automation and ease of use as provided by the camera’s built-in flash. Use the AF35’s sensor compensation dial for additional control over flash exposures when shooting in the auto mode. For those special shots where you want to control the lighting, select one of the 6 manual power settings on the AF35 flash.  Kit includes: AF35 AutoFlash, flash diffuser. Flex arm, auto sensor, rubber grip and mounting tray. A right hand flash kit with extended tray is available for dual flash systems.

    • Energy Rating: 35 watt-seconds
    • Coverage Angle: 70 – 80º w/diffuser
    • Guide # (ISO 100) feet: 28 surface - 16 underwater
    • Guide # (ISO 100) meters: 9 surface - 5 underwater
    • Color Temp: 5700º K
    • Power Source: 4 "AA" Alkaline / NiCad / NiMH
    • Flashes: 300 full power
    • Recycle Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Firing Modes: Auto + 6 Manual Power Settings
    • Depth Rating: 90m - 300 feet
    • Product # 4035
    • Left hand flash kit with single tray (shown)
    • Product # 4035.1
    • Right hand flash kit with dual tray

    Ikelite Ikelite DS51 Substrobe

    The Ikelite DS51 Substrobe replaces the DS50, which has been a favorite of underwater photographers the world over. This small strobe is ideal for for the majority of point and shoot digital cameras as well as some SLR systems.

    The DS51 incorporates all the same great features of the DS50, and the DS51 provides a Manual Exposure Mode with six manual power settings in one-half f-stop increments for precise illumination of subjects underwater.

    The compact and lightweight Ikelite DS51 Substrobe is an excellent choice for many underwater photographers. Its digital electronics make it fully compatible with digital cameras as well as traditional film cameras such as the Nikonos.

    • switch between TTL/Auto and any of the six manual power settings for complete control over lighting the subject.
    • suited for macro and general photography.
    • wide-angle diffuser increases the angle-of-coverage up to 80 degrees, softens the light and helps to reduce backscatter.
    • DS51's power rivals strobes twice its size, recycles in a quick 3.5 seconds, and provides 200+ flashes on a set of 4 AA batteries.
      * Much shorter recycle times and more flashes per set of batteries can be realized during TTL/Auto operation.


    Size: 8cm x 12cm - 3.2" x 4.7"
    Weight: 0.6 kg - 1.3 pounds
    Energy Rating: 50 watt-seconds
    Coverage Angle: 70 degrees and 80 degrees w/diffuser
    Guide # (ISO 100) feet: 56 surface, 28 underwater
    Guide # (ISO 100) meters: 17 surface, 9 underwater
    Color Temp: 5700 degrees K
    Power Source: 4 "AA" alkaline - NiCad - NiMH
    Flashes: 200 full power
    Recycle Time: 3.5 seconds
    Firing Modes: TTL/Auto - 6 Manual Power Settings
    Depth Rating: 90m - 300 feet

    Ikelite DS-50 SubStrobe

    The DS-50 features electronic circuitry for use with the newest cameras, providing both TTL compatibility and the ability to also provide pre-flashes when combined with the Remote TTL Sensors.

    A full 50 watt-seconds of electrical power in a compact size with coverage adequate for lenses as wide as 28mm. Combine several of this class strobe to cover very wide angle lenses with minimal illumination of particles suspended in the water.

    The was created especially for use with new digital cameras, but is completely compatible with all film cameras including the Nikonos and all new Nikon systems.

    Ikelite DS200 SubStrobe

    New IC chips and IGBT circuitry allows this ultra wide and ultra powerful strobe to be compatible with current digital cameras and any TTL circuitry included Ikelite housings. Offers 200 watt seconds of power recycling in an incredible 1.6 seconds.

    The DS-200 offers four manual power modes or can accommodate an optional EV Manual Controller (#4100.6).

    The SubStrobe DS-200 delivers an even ultra wide 100 degree beam. The special "soft-lite" reflector produces softer, warmer, more natural colors. A diffuser is included to widen and soften the light even more. The built-in aiming light is more than just a target light; it is powerful enough to use as a night diving light.

    The main strobe electronics are sealed from the battery compartment, and the industrial grade ni-cad battery module is easily removed. The DS-200 features an LED gauge which shows the remaining battery power.

    The battery door is easy to disassemble and clean. A switch lock is included to prevent accidental turning on of the strobe.

    Charger not included with Substrobe DS-200


    Ikelite 125 Strobe

    An optional DS series Ikelite SubStrobe placed farther from the lens improves the photographs by reducing the illumination of particles suspended in the water. The Ikelite Digital SubStrobes and TTL Slave Sensors provide complete compatibility and duplicate the automatic exposure dictated by the camera. This is the only strobe system that can duplicate the sophisticated flash and pre-flash automation of these Olympus cameras.

    Tray is required for the Olympus PT-Series to mate with Ikelite DS-Series Digital Strobes

    New Ikelite housing with new DS-125 strobe set and Inon wide lens

    Additional Products

    Beam Wideners

    The new beam wideners fit the Ikelite DS200/200 strobe and the Ikleite 50. These special 87% transmittance materials will reduce the light output by 2/3 stop. The quality of the light output is very even across the wide angle of distribution.

    The Cokin filter holder and 90 degree filter for the Ikelite 50 are a set. The adapter has to be permanently attached to the strobe, but the filter can easily be removed underwater. The Cokin holder will also accept all the Cokin color filter for creative photography.

    Ikelite Ball Camp Arms
    The articulating ball-socket strobe arm assembly is designed to provide maximum strobe positions. Ultimate maneuverability can be achieved for wide angle or macro needs with a host of interchangeable components. Universal adapters combine Ikelite arm components with most other ball-socket manufactures systems. Select and configure the components you need to support your strobe for what ever type of underwater photography you are performing. If you change camera systems or have different lighting needs your present system can be expanded or adopted to meet your new demands.